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Triple Berry Fruit Salad for Healthy Immune System

Date: November 28, 2016

This Triple Berry Fruit Salad, is filled with body nourishing antioxidants and the awesome flavor of nature’s best berries. Blueberries are saturated with antioxidants known as anthocyanins, which improve memory function. Raspberries contain ellagic acid which has anti-carcinogenic compounds. Studies also suggest that a healthy combination of berries helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Tomatoes also have antioxidant qualities.  In addition they have lycopene, which helps to protect the body against cancer.  Cucumbers are great for flushing the body of toxins, aids in weight loss and because of its high water content, it serves as a natural diuretic.  Although this is not an exhaustive list of all the benefits of the Triple Berry Fruit Salad, I hope this gives you an idea of some of the benefits this blends provide to the body.  So not only will you enjoy the truly satisfying flavor of this salad but you are certain to reap the nutrient rich benefits. To avoid toxic build-up from pesticides, please use organic fruits to get the proper health benefits.

Special notes:  Although cucumbers and tomatoes are sometimes classified as vegetables, they are actually fruits as they contain seeds.  Vegetables are the leafy parts of a plant.  Since, fruits and vegetables take different amounts of time to digest, they create some fermentation in the stomach.  This causes bloating and gas. Sounds familiar?  Although some people have high tolerance for this practice, I am careful to not mix fruits and vegetables together one meal, in respect for the digestive rule.

Triple Berry Fruit Salad Recipe

Yield:  10 – 15 Servings

Prep Time:  10 Minutes

Presentation Time: 10 Minutes


2 large Cucumbers
3 large firm ripe tomatoes
1 pound strawberries and/or raspberries
½ pound blueberries
½ pound blackberries

Preparation Directions

  1. Wash all ingredients thoroughly.
  2. Prepare and slice cucumbers and tomatoes and set aside in separate containers.
  3. Cut strawberries into four pieces or so that they blend proportionately with the other berries.
  4. In a large bowl, mix strawberries, blueberries and blackberries together.
  5. Arrange the berry mix in the center of a large salad bowl or platter.
  6. Alternately arrange tomatoes and cucumber around the berry mix.

Hope  you enjoy!


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