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On the path to optimal health and happiness, empower yourself with natural solutions and techniques inspired by real world experiences.

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Try my line of all natural essential oils, body butters, eye creams, soaps, cleansers and other great products that will rejuvenate and restore mind and body.

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Read my articles on a wide range of topics including stress management, relaxation techniques, natural remedies and much more

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Rochelle Simone is a holistic health and beauty brand inspired by real world life experiences. From personal struggle blossomed the richness of healing, greater understanding and self empowerment. The result - a site crafted to pass on natural remedies, rejuvenating products, motivational quotes, inspirational stories, nutritious recipes, beauty tips and DIY articles. Improve your overall peace of mind by focusing on each facet of your individuality on your journey to vitality and happiness.

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Wellness starts from within and nothing can be more important than preserving yourself. My recipes include a blend of herbs, spices and power foods that will keep you going and give you energy to do more!

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Writing is its own therapy. Using words to influence your actions can help to motivate and manage any potential negative emotions. In each situation it is important to learn self control and perseverance. While there will be low points in life, taking the focus away from these undesirable events gives you more time to do the things you truly love!

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Nuggets of inspiration from me to you. Get motivated and ready to take on each new day. Life is a journey, embrace it, live it, love it, focus on the good and unlock your true potential.

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With each passing day your reservoir of strength should continue to grow and empower you to do more. If you are someone who is sharing in a personal struggle, take the time to arm yourself with as much information to make the best decisions regarding your health and well-being. From each new obstacle comes the potential to learn, mature and persevere. Appreciate the journey, be all that you can be and embrace each day with a renewed sense of purpose!

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Explore my health & beauty tips and keep yourself looking and feeling your best with great easy to use, yet effective techniques.

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