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3 Natural Tips to Fight Dog Fleas and Bruises

Date: November 28, 2016

Most dog owners know that fleas, cuts and bruises are some of the risks in owning a dog, and many wish they could find natural solutions for dealing with these problems.  If you have been searching for natural tips to fight dog fleas, ticks, cuts and bruises, I suggest you begin to explore the benefits of using essential oils for your dog. Essential oils, used in the proper amounts, is a relatively safe solution for dogs.  It is said that essential oils do not disturb the balance in the natural oils in a dog’s skin or coat.  Besides, dogs have good instinct and are quite capable of sensing what is safe for them.  In this article, I will give you some quick tips on how to use them on your faithful friend, as well as some reasons why I choose use essential oils on my dog.

Why Essential Oils

  1. Essential oils are natural so I never have to worry about my dog interacting with any unnatural substances.
  2. Essential oils are a less expensive means of solving simple issues without having a veterinary or pet medication bill.
  3. Using essential oils externally are fairly safe in the appropriate amount.
  4. They smell great.

In using essential oils for your pet, it is important to understand which oil is beneficial for your particular situation.  Here are a few quick essential oil tips that I have found useful.

1.  Natural Tips for Minor Cuts or Bruises

Lavender or thyme:  If your dog has a fresh cut or bruise, it may be time to make use of your lavender essential oil or thyme essential oil to clean the wound.  Both Lavender Essential Oil and Thyme Essential Oil are natural disinfectants and antibiotics so there should be no need to worry if the dog licks the wound after the essential oil solution has been applied.  After all, she will not be interacting with any unnatural substance.


  1. In 8 cups of water, add 6 drops of Lavender or Thyme essential oil
  2. Gently wash the wound in the solution
  3. Keep the wound and the area around the wound clean until it heals

2.  Natural Tips to Fight Dog Fleas and Ticks – Minor Case

Dogs tend to pick up fleas, ticks and small parasites as they interact with other dogs or roll around in the grass and other outdoor areas.  So how do you fight dog fleas and ticks?  Lemongrass Essential Oil and Citronella Essential Oil are handy for helping to discourage fleas, ticks and small parasites from becoming a pest to your dog or your home.  Remember, using essential oils externally is fairly safe in the appropriate amount.  Do not get carried away while focusing on the fragrance by adding more than is necessary as essential oils are concentrated and can be harmful if abused.


  1. Add 1 drop of either Lemongrass Essential Oil or Citronella Essential Oil to the shampoo portion for a small dog.
  2. For bigger dogs you may use 2 drops instead.
  3. Bathe the dog and groom as desired.

3.  Natural Tips to Fight Dog Fleas, Ticks or Parasite – Severe Case

Cedarwood, Pine or Lavender:  If your dog has severe flea, tick or parasite issues apply Cedarwood Essential Oil, Pine Essential Oil or Lavender Essential Oil.


Note:  You may need to use larger proportions for larger dogs or dogs with more hair

  1. Add 4 drops of Cedarwood or Pine oil to a cup of warm water. Use a small metal dog brush and attach a small piece of towel the same size as the brush bristle area.  Make sure the towel is attached at least half way through the brush bristle.
  2. Soak the brush in the prepared solution and brush the dog. This will allow the parasites and the eggs to be collected into the brush, disinfecting the dog while conditioning the dog’s hair.
  3. Be sure to rinse the brush thoroughly in the essential oil solution several times during the process.
  4. For additional treatment, 4 drops of lavender oil can be added to a separate cloth as above before placing it on the brush. Continue to brush the dog, rinsing with plain warm water at intervals.

I hope you found these natural tips to fight dogs fleas, ticks, cuts and bruises helpful.  Read also How Lavender Essential Oil Helped My Dog


Any health advice issued by this site is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis by a doctor. Recipes that suggest the ingestion of essential oils should be approached with caution. While essential oils are very beneficial when used topically or for their aromas, ingestion is typically not recommended. Rochelle Simone does not sell or promote the use of essential oils for consumption.

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