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Try This DIY All Natural Powder Foundation

Date: December 7, 2016

Here is a quick and easy way to make a great homemade powder foundation. While this Natural Powder Foundation may not give you the complete coverage you will find in store bought cosmetics, it will provide a seamless fresh clean look without the pore clogging additives found in most major brands. This foundation requires 2 main ingredients: Arrow Root Powder and Organic Cocoa Powder for color. Other optional ingredients include: nutmeg or cinnamon for additional color, a moisturizing carrier oil like jojoba oil, argan oil or almond oil and a purifying essential oil preferably Lavender, Tea Tree or Rosemary. Some of these ingredients can be found at almost any supermarket, but going fully organic is recommended to achieve a purer foundation.

Natural Powder Foundation

Main Ingredients

1tsp – 2tsp Arrow Root Powder
Cocoa Powder (amount will depend on required shade)


Nutmeg Powder (amount will depend on required shade)
Cinnamon Powder (amount will depend on required shade)
1 drop Lavender, Rosemary or Tea Tree essential oil
2 – 4 drops Jojoba, Almond or Argan carrier oil


  1. Sterile Mixing Dish or Glass Bowl
  2. Medium sized compact powder dispenser or a small plastic or glass container that will store the finished product
  3. Teaspoon for Measuring
  4. Popsicle stick(s) for mixing
  5. Sieve for smoothing foundation
  6. Make-up Applicator


  1. Get a clean container that is completely devoid of any moisture. Adding water to this mixture will cause it to go rancid very quickly. Aim to be as sterile as possible to increase the shelf life of the foundation.
  2. Add the arrow root powder to the container.
  3. Add cocoa powder and/or cinnamon and nutmeg until desired color is achieved.
  4. Test the color on the underside of your arm or directly on your face (this product washes off easily and is likely not to cause irritation or clog the pores).
  5. Add the drops of essential oil(s) and carrier oil(s) once you are satisfied with the shade of your foundation.
  6. Run the mixture through a clean sieve using a funnel to get the powder into your make up dispenser or other type of jar.
  7. Apply directly to your skin and enjoy your light seamless foundation.

Quick Tips

  • Although you are using a Natural Powder Foundation, remember to remove all traces of make-up before going to bed at nights. Even this non-toxic, non-comodogenic, natural solution is best fully removed to keep pores free and clear while sleeping.
  • If this foundation doesn’t provide enough coverage use a store bought concealer to cover any hyper-pigmentation or problem areas before application.
  • This powder is perfect for giving liquid foundation a seamless, finished look.
  • Use a fluffy powder brush to apply as this ensures better coverage and won’t disturb other foundations or concealers you may wish to use underneath.


Any health advice issued by this site is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis by a doctor. Recipes that suggest the ingestion of essential oils should be approached with caution. While essential oils are very beneficial when used topically or for their aromas, ingestion is typically not recommended. Rochelle Simone does not sell or promote the use of essential oils for consumption.

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